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    Copy a value from master region to a specific row in the detail region


      Apex version: 4.1

      I have a page that contains a Master region and a Detail region (master and detail are on the same page). The detail region is an updatable report (tabular form)
      When I click the "Add Row" button, I need to assign a value from the Master region to a Hidden item in the newly added row in the tabular form.

      An update statement cannot be used since the primary key of the detail table is hidden and not mapped to a G_Fxx array (plus, it's not yet generated from the sequence).

      My questions:

      1- In general, can the value of an element of a G_Fxx array be modified? (in my case, changing the value of the element of G_Fxx, if applicable, cannot be done because the item is hidden and not mapped to an array)

      2- What's the way to change (or assign) the value programmatically?

      Any help will be highly appreciated
      Thank you in advance