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    Explanation about Start ManagedServers by Console

    Julien Sourti
      Hi there,

      I need an explanation about difference between a start ManagedServer by default script and a start ManagedServer by Admin Console :

      If I start any ManagedServer by default script "startManagedWeblogic.sh +myserver+", the script apply ${DOMAIN_HOME}/bin/setDomainEnv.sh
      in setDomainEnv.sh I can set more JAVA_OPTIONS than default.

      But if I start same ManagedServer by admin console, it seems that start process don't apply setDomainEnv.sh and I haven't my JAVA_OPTIONS.

      If it's possible, how can I excute setDomainEnv.sh when I start a ManagedServer by console ?

      That for your help.
      J Sourti