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    OSM (GUI) worklist view doesn´t show up


      we are running OSM 7.0.1 (PL12) and we are facing an issue with the worklist view in OSM GUI.

      For users who didin´t create a customized search in the worklist view, the worklist is not coming up. after 10mins of loading the following error message "A comm error occured.
      The Web Server may be down, too busy, or experiencing other problems preventing it from responding to requests."

      Query view, which loads the same amount of records (200) in standard view is working fine.

      For users who access the worklist view whit a customized search which for example only resulst in 10 records, the worklist view is working fine. so I assumed it´s related to the amount of records the worklist tries to load from the DB since this would also match the error message.
      But the Query view is loading the same amount of records without any issue.

      Thanks for any hint.