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    Problems with importing Relational Model to existing Design

      I have problems importing new Relational Model to existing Design.
      The problem occurs if I don't create new empty Relational Model first but import Relational Model as a "New Relational" in the Design Import Wizard. In this case Import seems to be ok but after I close the Design, the new imported Relational Model and all the changes I have made after the import are lost. And yes, I have saved the Design before closing.

      Importing new Relational Model works fine if I first create a new empty Relational Model in the Design and define it as a target for the model I want to import. Then none of the changes are lost after closing.

      In both cases, Import does not bring any of the objects from physical model that are not a part of the Relational Model (sequences, users, roles..). Deleting Objects.local -files does not help.

      I'm using Data Modeler version