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    Cannot get literal amerpsand to display in SQL output


      Thanks so much for your help, in advance.

      I'm outputting a literal string value to an output file, however, Linux isn't playing by SQL's rules. The ampersand character which I'm trying to disply as a knowledge base link is screwing up the output. Typically, the "&&" is the escape for displaying "&" in SQL output, however, this doesn't work inside a shell script.

      Does anyone know the escape characters to disply the ampersand properly for the following?

      I've include double ampersand, as per SQL's rules...

      col Instructions3 heading "KNOWLEDGE BASE SUPPORT LINK" format a4000
      select 'http://vr05a2.us.com:86/viewtopic.php?f=141&&t=2057&&p=2334&&hilit=over+pick&&sid=56b38c52bf3b36f1d17b854b29a41a3b#p2334' Instructions3
      from dual;


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