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    ApexLister+GF 3.1 CS issue - Logout URL forbidden

      I have installed the following.
      <li>ApexListenser 1.1.3</li>
      <li>GlassFish Community Server 3.1</li>
      <li>JDK 1.6 Update 33</li>
      <li>Oracle 11g XE</li>
      <li>MS Windows XP</li>
      I am able to login as Internal or into any other workspace that I create. Apex appears to be running fine and I am able to navigate through the UI.
      The trouble starts when I click logout. This results in GF error "Forbidden".
      The URL that appears is http://host:port/apex/apex_authenticate.logout?....
      Checked out the grant execute to public on the wwv_flow_authenticate and the public synonym, they are right. To be very sure granted execute again to Public and even recreated the Public Synonym.

      I have installed ApexListener+GF dozens of times on different OS, but never seen something like this before.
      The only new component , so to say, is Update 33. First time I am using it. The earlier installs have been up to Update 29.

      If I enable EPG, logout works fine. So not Apex install or user locked/ permissions issue I guess.
      Set apex.log.enable to true. Checked server.log but it shows no error on this event. It has the usual "org.apache.tomcat.util.digester.Digester" error, but thats about it.
      The allowed procedures has
      apex*, wwv_flow*, f , v , p , n , z ,
      Searched for evidence that Update 33 does not work with GF 3.1 or ApexListener 1.1.3, but failed to locate anything on the subject.

      Installing Update 29, that I know works, is one thing I will do to check out if it is an issue related to Update 33.

      But I have a feeling I am missing something fundamental here.

      What am I missing? Where am I going wrong?