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    Upgrading to windows 7 oledb 11 application crashes selecting data

      I have a Delphi application using ADO to connect to Oracle. On XP with oraoledb 8 it works fine but in windows 7 with oraoledb 11 I get various errors including access violations when I get data from some tables. For one table I have narrowed it down to a specific column. I can get the whole table except this column which is a simple varchar2 max length 120. In fact I can get large parts of even that column if I filter the rows. it's a big table so I can't narrow it down to specific entries.
      I have tried a routine which determines whether there are any control characters in the data in this column and it did not find any. So the data should all be simple ASCII between chr(32) and chr(126)
      The database itself is oracle 9.2

      Any ideas /help wold be appreciated