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    CCG5.5.1 installation with weblogic

      Hi all,

      Install CCG 5.5.1,I attempt to deploy on Weblogic 10.3.1 application server.

      Installed OS(OEL5.8 64bit),DB(11gR2),Weblogic10.3.1 on the same machine.

      1)The "Install directory Directory" mentioned in the CCG Installer Worksheet ,
      I confuse what is Install directory Directory for weblogic,is it middleware_home(/home/grc/Oracle/Middleware)?

      Installation docment:
      CCG uses a web server. The server does not need to be dedicated to CCG. Enter the following information:Installer Prompt Record the value you will use:
      Install directory Directory on the CCG Home computer (notthe Installing computer) where CCG web assets will be installed. Specify the Tomcat webapps directory.

      2)Should we set the following values for weblogic.
      set WL_HOME=/home/grc/Oracle/Middleware/wlserver_10.3;
      export WL_HOME

      set PATH=$WL_HOME/server/bin:$JAVA_HOME/bin:$PATH;
      export PATH

      Installation docment:
      Set the following environment variables temporarily on the installing computer:

      set WEBAPPS_HOME=/bin/apache/apache-tomcat-5.5.23;
      export WEBAPPS_HOME

      set PATH=$WEBAPPS_HOME/bin:$JAVA_HOME/bin:$PATH;
      export PATH

      Have anybody any idea on this?

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          yasir - oracle grc consulting - oracle
          First off if you're trying to get it up and running, I would use apache tomcat as it's quick and painless to get CCG running.

          Have a look at https://supporthtml.oracle.com/epmos/downloadattachmentprocessor?attachid=1298311.1:002

          This is the instructions to install CCG on WebLogic.
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            Hi yasir,

            Thanks for your reply.

            Can I use apache tomcat5.5 and jdk1.5 (32bit) on my OS(OEL5.8 64bit) for CCG5.5.1 because I found out Tomcat5.5 is not support JDK64bit?
            the below is tomcat download link,which zip fiie is right media,is it Core.zip?

            For the instructions to install CCG on WebLogic,I cann't open your provided link,how to reach it?
            I got CCG551_WLS.doc from oracle support [ID 1298311.1],is it the instructions to install CCG on WebLogic?

            CCG55 War file is mentioned in the CCG551_WLS.doc,
            in the ccg5.5.1 installation guide,the ccg.war is created in the the webapps directory during CCG Installer.
            I think that we should deployed CCG5.5.1 on wls after install CCG5.5.1 because I only finish OS,DB,wls(ccg scheme and tablespace is not created),
            So that I want to know how to set value in the above two questions about Install directory and Path for weblogic.

            Thanks in advance.

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              yasir - oracle grc consulting - oracle
              Have a look at Note ID *741001.1*: GRC Suite Support Matrix on support.oracle.com to see what is and isn't supported. I believe it dependes on the JDK installed, which would require a 64-bit JDK. If you start it up with a 64 bit JDK, you should be good.
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                Yasir,Thanks for your support.

                I attempt to deploy ccg on weblogic,created ccg is active on the wls server console,but I found out the following issue in the startWeblogic.

                lstrWebPath :: /home/grc/Oracle/Middleware/user_projects/domains/ccg_domain/servers/AdminServer/stage/ccg/ccg/web
                lstrContextPath :: /home/grc/Oracle/Middleware/user_projects/domains/ccg_domain/servers/AdminServer/stage/ccg/ccg/

                The issue can be reproduced at will with the following steps:
                1. Install CCG 5.5.1.
                2. Verify: No errors are received during install.
                3. Deploy Weblogic 10.3.1/11g.


                The issue is caused by the following setup: Existence of ‘xercesImpl.jar’ file in the ccg-war directory (Location: /WEB-INF/lib) caused errors on the Weblogic 11g application server while deplying CCG applications.

                This is explained in the following bug:
                Bug 10251676 - CCG 5.5.1 DEPLOYMENT WITH WEBLOGIC FAILS

                1. Delete Weblogic cache and restart it before applying the workaround below.
                2. Remove the ‘xercesImpl.jar’ file from ccg-war directory (Location: /WEB-INF/lib)
                3. Redeploy CCG applications on Weblogic 11g application server. (Refer to the CCG Install Guide
                v5.5.1 for detailed instructions.

                Referrence :[Doc ID 1265899.1]

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                  When attempting to login on CCG 551 after installing it on Weblogic10.3.1
                  the following error occurs. (Attached file:http:launch ccg with error.jpg)

                  While trying to lookup 'jdbc.ccg' didn't find subcontext 'jdbc'. Resolved ''

                  The issue can be reproduced at will with the following steps:
                  1. Start url http://host1.example.com:7001/ccg after installing UI on WLS.

                  Delete a ccg deployment in WLS Admin console, and remove the datasource definition in Admin console before redeployed the application.
                  Then delete the /stage/ccg/ccg directory.

                  Checked Adminserver in the 'target' tab for the ccg datasource >Sevices >JDBC > datasources.

                  Referrence:[Doc ID 1298311.1]

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