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    Help to asses the performance impact of OAS and WLS integration.

    Sugumar G-Oracle
      If this is not the right forum, please direct me to the right one for the below clariafication.
      We have developed a small application using ADF technology and this application can be integrated with the existing EBS R12 application. So, the EBS R12 application will be running in Oracle Application Server and ADF application will be running in WebLogic Server. And the customer who is implementing this, would like to know the below impacts before they start to implement.

      1) Oracle Application Server to Web Logic Server (WLS) Connection happens to view the ADF application, What would be Resource Consumption of WLS to handle this ADF application. They would like to know the WLS resource used by this ADF application.
      2) How does the Network/Data Traffic impact the Utilization of Web Logic Server and Oracle Application Server.

      Could you please help us in providing the feedback to the customer.
      Ans Is there a way to do load testing in our internal development instance to asses the resource consumption, cpu usuage and the network traffic?