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    Downstream Capturing - Two Sources


      We are planning to have two source databases and one consolidated/merge database.We are planning to use streams.I just configured downstream real time capture from one source database.

      As I can have only one real-time downstream capture process and one archive-log downstream capture process.

      How do I configure this archivelog-downstream capture process.Where in the code that differentiates between real time and archivelog.

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          You will find the steps for configuring downstream capture in the 11.2 Streams Replication Administrator's Guide towards the end of chapter 1. Here is the URL to the online doc section that gives examples of the source init.ora parameter log_arch_dest_2 for real-time mining and archive log mining:

          In addition to the different log_arch_dest_* parameter settings between real-time and archive log mining, real-time mining requires standby logfiles at the downstream mining database. The instructions for that are also in the Streams Replication Administrator's Guide.

          Finally, the capture parameter DOWNSTREAM_REAL_TIME_MINE must be set to Y for real-time mining. The default is N for archive log mining.

          Chapter 2 in that same manual includes how to configure downstream capture using the MAINTAIN_SCHEMAS procedure