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    Questions regarding TARGET DATA of a selection set and usage of extracts

      1. In iSetup Users Guide (121azug.pdf), pg5-4, under 'Viewing a Selection Set',
      it has the following lines:

      Supports Update: If the data object updates the target data during load,
      then the Support Update flag appears

      There is no explanation on "target data" in earlier section.
      Can someone explain what this target data is?

      2. In iSetup Users Guide (121azug.pdf), refer to the image on pg5-14, there is a download link
      in order to download extract. What is the downloaded extract for? Is there any documents
      explaining how to use the downloaded extracts? I am thinking that this downloaded extract
      can be used to upload in other env but I am not sure how to use these.

      Any advise?