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    Change Radio Buttons from Vertical to Horizontal flow

      Is there a way to modify the radio group UI template to show the radio buttons side by side (like http://www.overpic.net/viewer.php?file=x4di4wpb8jzy4h1710nwg.jpg ) rather than one below the other which is the default display order (like http://www.overpic.net/viewer.php?file=xyz39gh8tq43cov396o3k.jpg ).

      The UI template has a table layout region that needs a rowlayout region (as in http://www.overpic.net/viewer.php?file=x90vozt8m3js4qmet9ab.jpg ) which I think is the cause for the buttons displaying vertically.

      Is there another layout region that can be used for my requirement? Or any other ideas?

      Thanks in advance.