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    EM Agent 11g deployment issue

      I am installing EMAgent using GridControl on Linux server. I am getting the following error,
      Performing check for OCMConnectionCheck
      Check if direct connection is available
      OCMBean : Metalink: mail@domanin.com PAsswd : Provided Server : null Port : null Proxy UserName : null Proxy Passwd : Not Provided
      Expected result: Connection should be available
      Actual Result: Not able to make direct connection
      Check complete. The overall result of this check is: Failed <<<<
      Check complete: Failed <<<<
      Problem: Direct connection to OCM Server can not be made from target node
      Recommendation: If there is a proxy configured, please provide proxy configurations.
      Does anybody has this similar issue?
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          Rob Zoeteweij
          What option did you use in EM to install the agent?
          What input did you provide?


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            I used Grid Control Deployment wizard to install the agent on my target machine. I gave my metalink id and password and used direct connect not proxy.
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              Sadly I don't have a solution. I'm here with a "me too!".

              installing on OEL 5.8 from enterprise manager on the same lan. Connection to ccr.oracle.com 443 fails and EM tells us we need to configure a proxy.

              I successfully make a connection to telnet ccr.oracle.com 443 from the target and EM host. No outbound traffic restrictions.

              telnet ccr.oracle.com 443
              Connected to ccr.oracle.com (
              Escape character is '^]'.

              # host ccr.oracle.com
              ccr.oracle.com is an alias for bigip-ccr.oracle.com.
              bigip-ccr.oracle.com has address
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                I had same issue.
                As workaround I unchecked the box "I wish to receive security updates via My Oracle Support", as I am receiving security update through my support settings anyway.
                then deployment worked for me.