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    Customer Credit and Collection options


      There is a "Credit and Collection" section under Customer Account Profile. I want to understand about all the options, another word, how all these options works, specially RISK code , Credit Rating and Credit Clafication....How do they came into picture when we ran credit check processor?

      Please advice or help me out to get some doc/link that i can go through.

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          Oracle Receivables integrates with Oracle Credit Management to automatically put customers on credit hold, or release customers from credit hold, depending on the outcome of a credit review.

          You can reference this documentation for details on the Collectors region and the Credit Classification -

          Oracle® Credit Management User Guide Release 12.1 (Part No. E13502-04)

          See Chapter 2 Implementing Oracle Credit Management

          Page 2-12
          Sections -
          Updating Customer Profile Classes
          Assign Customer Credit Classification Program

          Deborah Bourgeois, Oracle Customer Support