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    Problem Printing to Large Format Printers From SGD

      I am having a problem printing to large format printers when using the PDF printing option for SGD. The SDG Universal PDF Viewer recognizes the print format that I specify but on the client device side the pdf that is produced is always Letter size. If a larger format is speciied the client side pdf displays a small portion of it - almost as if it were clipped at the Letter size. Has anyone experienced this. Is it an SGD problem per se or is it an issue with the Ghostscript configuration and if so is ther a way I can change the config?

      I am running 4.6.2 in an RHEL5 environment. The application server I am primarily working with is Windows Server 2008. The printers I have tried to print larger formats to are HP CLJ 2800 PS (Tabloid size), HP Designjet Z6100 (E size), and HP DesignJet 4020ps(E size). In all cases the plot appears to have been clipped into a Letter size format on the client device side.


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