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      Hi Team

      how to change the attributes of the master item of "lot split" into "non lot split"'


      The pooh
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          Uncheck the item attribute "Lot Split Enabled" in the Inventory tab of the item master to make it "non lot split".

          You may need to scroll right a little to see the mentioned attribute.


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            Hi PS..

            Thanks for your answer,
            but we still have trouble, it show warning "cannot propagate master controlled atribute value to child organizations. cause : The following validation failed for organizations item record. Lot split can be enable only if lot control is full control"

            in our case this item is "Non Lot Control" How we can solve it ?

            need help please..

            Best Regards,
            The pooh
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              The "Lot Split Enabled" checkbox can be altered only when the "Lot Control" attribute is set as "Full Control".

              Looks like one of your child orgnization is not fulfilling the condition.

              The solution can be one of the following:
              1. Change the lot contol attribute to full control in all your organization items and then try to uncheck the box. Or
              2. Make the "Lot Split Enabled" attribute as org-level controlled instead of "Master level" by navigating to Setup -> Items -> Attribute Controls and then uncheck it only at the required org while fulfilling the lot number field requirements.


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                Hi PS

                I just already try to use your methode, but unfortunately there is has on hand.. and show the warning that we cannot update if there are has onhand & trx exist.
                how we can update with if we still have on hand for that item?

                BEst regards,
                the pooh
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                  David Weber

                  as far as I know you can not update the attribute while you have on hand quantities. Remove the material from inventory, update the attribute and enter the material again.