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    Help needed to download JRMC 3 - as JRMC 4 is not processing JRA files

      Is there a way to download older versions of JRMC (for example JRMC 3)?

      I am running our Weblogic 10 server on JRockit R27.3.1. We are now trying to analyze and tune the server performance. I have downloaded the JRMC 4.1 version available at Oracle Downloads. But, this JRMC 4.1 version does not support JRA parsing, it seems. And JRockit does not allow JRMC 4.1 Flight recording .

      I know that Flight recording will be available from JRockit R28, but I cannot upgrade JRockit now. Hence I need JRMC 3 to analyze the JRA files. Please help if you have faced this situation.