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    Error while invoking endpoint http://XXXX:8001/integration/services/identi

      Hello ALL,

      i am new to SOA. frist let me explain you my issue.
      when i create new connection to AdminServer for deploying the project it is working fine
      But when i am accessing to Admin Server from jdeveloper to get the users list ie. (Demo Users list) to assign to role in BPM i could not access and get the user list from server
      i see the users in console - Security Realms - user/group tab

      the error which was logged to jdeveloper is as follows:

      WARNING: Cannot register auditor for WebServices due to null JPS AuditService instance!
      Jul 13, 2012 12:48:29 PM oracle.webservices.jaxws
      SEVERE: Error while invoking endpoint "http://lab-apex4.corp.hipl.co.in:8001/integration/services/IdentityService/identity" from client

      please help me

      thanks --