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    6140 Battery Due to expire


      We have 42 days before our batteries expire on our 6140.

      The 6140 is storage for our Oracle DB so we can't afford a performance hit in terms of caching policy whilst the new batteries are charging.

      I'd prefer not to enable "Write Cache without Batteries" on the volumes as a performance hit would be better than potential data loss...

      I replaced the batteries on our failover 6140 last week, they took about 10 hours to charge

      My intention is to remove the fully charged batteries from our failover 6140 and install them into our live 6140, thus eliminating the 10 hours without write cache enabled.

      Would doing the above cause any issues? I'd expect the live array to see the replaced batteries are fully charged thus eliminating any changes to write cache?

      Is this correct?

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          Nicolas Wipfli -Oracle

          What you want to do should work and I would even recommend this if you do not want the write cache to be disable during the full recharge after replacing the batteries.

          Please note that we have the " [Storage Disk 2000, 3000, 6000 RAID Arrays & JBODs Community|https://communities.oracle.com/portal/server.pt/community/storage_disk_2000%2C_3000%2C_6000_raid_arrays___jbods/465] " where you can post similar questions. I would suggest you to use this new community which might be useful for you.