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    Transform has empty target


      I am using a Transform to pass input to a WS, I am getting source from a DB table output
      and target is input to WS, I have done simple mapping and then done a test on that transform
      which shows data getting populated to target, now when I deploy and test it the transform is empty
      there is data in the output of the DB table variable, only its not happening inside transform.

      Please help.

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          How did you created the transform ? Using JDeveloper, if yes, check the name space of source tag inside transform and double check the xsd used in source and the corresponding name space is available in transform or not ?

          If you still have issue, you can paste your source and xslt here.


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            Can you please test the transformation inside the JDeveloper by right clicking on the XSL file and test by giving the sample input file (here let the sample file be created by the JDeveloper only) and see whether it is working fine.

            Recently, i have come across this kind of error, and the issue is with namespaces.

            Also, if you can post the XSL file, will look into it for more insights..

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              If your XSLT is working fine when u test it standalone in jDeveloper, then there is issue with the input to the XSLT.
              May i know whether u r using XSLT inside BPEL or OSB ?
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                Hi Yatan,

                For testing purpose please hard code any target element by using setText functionality and deploy it.

                If it populating and values are not populating then it should be a Namespace problem.

                It not please check the transformation source and target.

                For example the request message of BPEL and response message EBM are same,you might have mapped from source to request message and you are searching for values in response message.