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      I have a client that has used a user defined function (UDF) in Excel via VBA that takes inputs from the Excel worksheet via the parameters of the UDF and combines them to create the string that is passed to the HSGetValue() function. This UDF/HSGetValue call is used for every datapoint in the excel spreadsheet. It works for now, but performance is poor (e.g. speed and possibly responsible for some erratic behavior). From general programming expereince, as the sheets grow, I do not think this architecture will scale and will eventually, continually crash the spreadsheet or become so slow that it is unusable.

      My problem is that while I know this will happen, I am not versed enough in the details of Smart View / Hyperion / Essbase to present an arguement to make them move away from this architecture that is doomed to fail. Does anyone have any salient, detailed arguements that could be put forth to convince the client to go to a traditional data pull and manipulation before putting more effort into this this architecture / design?