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    New PeopleSoft OVM templates for HCM 9.1

    J R Hunter
      A new PeopleSoft OVM appliance has been released for HCM 9.1. I have successfully installed the templates on VirtualBox using Jim Marion's instructions as a guide. You can find them in the announcement at the top of this forum {forum:id=830}.

      There were a few places where I did not follow Jim's instructions. Since I wanted to install and run both templates (the Database and the PIA-AppBatch) on a laptop with only 4 GB of RAM, I chose to install a minimal Linux OS as described in My Oracle Support ID 728346.1 (log in required.) I configured each guest to only use 1 GB of RAM and 1 CPU.

      I did not install Guest Additions so everything including networking configurations was done via command line. I also did not allocate additional swap on the Database guest and did not update ulimits on the PIA-AppBatch guest. Nevertheless everything runs and though performance is not snappy it is adequate.

      The new database OVM does not check for or install oracleasm in the db-reconfig.sh script so you do not have to install these packages, yay! (You still need to install oracle-validated.)

      The templates come with COBOL and a 30 day trial license. I added a .bash_profile to the psadm1 account since you need to compile and link COBOL using this account. Also add the following to the .bash_profile for both psadm1 and psadm2:
       export COBDIR=/opt/oracle/psft/pt/cobol/svrexp-51_wp4-64bit
      export PATH=$PATH:$COBDIR/bin
      There is a new user and group in the templates, testqa:test. I'm not sure yet what this is for but I'm still exploring. Thanks to everybody for building, updating, testing and blogging about these templates, especially using VirtualBox. This is definitely the quickest way to bring up a new PeopleSoft environment.