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    Results Table (2.2.2) export missing Security Manager filters

      Hello OEID forum,

      I'm working with the Results Table portlet (v2.2.2), and notice that my exports are not including security filters which we have added in a custom Security Manager.

      When I trace through the ResultsExportPortlet (doExport method) and AbstractExport classes (source included in the endeca-results-export-portlet.war) I seem to see 2 different implementations:

      1. For MDEX 7...

      This code will craft the request to the MDEX web service. I don't see it calling the Security Manager anywhere.

      2. For MDEX 6...

      This code will eventually call com.endeca.portal.data.DataSource.execute, which I believe will call the Security Manager.

      Can anyone confirm that this is correct? So Results Table export for MDEX 7 will not invoke the Security Manager, while the MDEX 6 implementation will?