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    Remove page backgroud.

      Hi all,
      When i create a new blank page it always has background.
      How can i remove it?
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          are you creating a new page with any page template? you try to select blank instead of any page template,
          Yes by default it will give you white background, you can override the same with your own css file,
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            Hi ngsankar,
            Thanks for your reply.
            I create a new blank page, not any template.
            But it not white background.
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              Imran Mirza
              Hi Ariyatotle,

              Can you explain your issue with little bit more detail?

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                Hi Imran Mirza,

                I create a jspx page in WebCenter Portal Application as a blank page.
                After create i add it to page hierachy and run application without doing anything to this page.
                when it executed it isn't white whole the page. It was gradient form white at the top to light blue at the bottom.
                How can i do it to white whole page?


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                  Maxime Carrier

                  I have a simple and fast solution. I don't know if it is the best one, but it works for me:

                  In your blank page, give a styleClass name to your af:document:

                  <af:document id="d1" styleClass="backColor" >

                  And then, use it in your css file by default, portal-skin.css, type these lines:

                  background-color: #FFFFFF;

                  The color is changed to white by CSS!

                  Hope it will help ;)

                  PS: With that, all the pages that have the styleclass name "backColor" will be white, so you can choose which of them you want to have this color :)

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                    Hi Maxime Carrier,
                    Thanks for your reply it work very well ,but still gradient with the new color.
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                      Martin Deh-Oracle
                      The default skin has an entry for including both a background color and a background image for the af|document style selector. You can override this by adding in the following to the default portal-skin.css:


                      This should remove the image and set the background to white. As a tip, for help in debugging skin styles, set in the web.xml the following context-params:


                      This will enable you to see, in firebug for example, the true style class name and not the compressed name.