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    EXECUTE privilege is not granted on the following SYS Packages: UTL_FILE

    Noor ul Huda
      Hi brothers and sisters,

      Hope all you are fine. I have installed Oracle Developer Suite 10g on Windows 7 successfully and it is working properly.

      I created a new user with the following script:

                create session,
                create table,
                create view,
                create sequence,
                create any synonym,
                create database link,
                create role,
                create procedure
           to orcdesign;

      And then GRANT it the following privileges:

           grant execute on dbms_lock to orcdesign;
           grant execute on dbms_pipe to orcdesign;
           grant execute on dbms_rls to orcdesign;
           grant select on dba_rollback_segs to orcdesign;
           grant select on dba_segments to orcdesign;
           grant select on v_$parameter to orcdesign;
           grant select on sys.v_$nls_parameters to orcdesign with grant option;

      When I login to Repository Administration Utility, click on Install and then Start button in order to install a Repository instance, an error appear with the message: 'EXECUTE privilege is not granted on the following SYS Packages: UTL_FILE'.

      Please help me what should I do in order to run Oracle Designer successfully?