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    getRequestURL() problem

      Hi all,
      I've a problem with getRequestURL().
      I've an address like this : "https://www.testtest.com", but when I invoke request.getRequestURL() I receive in http so "http://www.testtest.com".
      What could be the problem? Could it be something about java.security?
      thanks in advance.
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          You are running this in a servlet container? Do you have a separate HTTPD in front of it terminating the SSL connection?
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            thanks for the reply.
            Yes im running it in a servlet container (websphere).
            For the second question... i don't know, i think it's a default config, i never changed it.
            How can i check this to be sure?
            thanks again.
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              wkgrp wrote:
              How can i check this to be sure?
              If you didn't install it, then ask the person who did install it. If you did install it then no, you're not running a separate HTTP server in front of the servlet container. Unless you install things without knowing about it :/

              Note that this is not the IBM forum, its on their own website. There you'll find people who use Websphere, who might just know how to help you.