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    Rename Existing Project Name

      Dear All

      Thanks in advance for the support which you are giving in this forum. We are having PCM 13 which was using SQL DB, We created one project name wrongly , is it anyway that we can change the Project name from database with out affecting the entries .

      Thanks in Adavance
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          1. In Contract Management right click on the project and select "Save As Template"
          2. Give the template a Name and Title and click Ok. This usually takes a few minutes to complete. Once done the project template will show under the 'Templates' folder, with a message saying it is not showing the control center as it's only a template.
          3. Right click on the top All Projects node and select "New Project"
          4. Select to give the project a new Name and Title and click Next
          5. Select the option "Use Template" (select 'Yes' to the message that pops up) and in the drop down list select the newly created template from above.
          6. Click Next and as it is being copied from the template there is no requirement to fill out any mandatory information so simply click Finish.