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    How to check a status success in an SAML 2.0 response


      in SAML 1.0 response , we could check the status as follows (where statusCode = oracle.security.xmlsec.samlp.StatusCode) :

      QName statusCodeValue = statusCode.getStatusCodeValue();
      if (StatusCode.SUCCESS.equals(statusCodeValue.getLocalPart()) { .....

      Now in SAML 2.0 libraries, we don't see the static var StatusCode.SUCCESS anymore....

      do we have to define it ourselves as "Success" ? or how can we check if the returning saml 2.0 response is successful ?

      I found following var : SAMLURI.statusCodes_top_level_SUCCESS which has the value "urn:oasis:names:tc:SAML:2.0:status:Success"

      but I'm not quit sure against what field i should compare this. perhaps the StatusCode.getValue ?

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