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    Typeahead problem using Endeca

      Hi all,

      We are exploring the type ahead using Endeca option.

      We started with the reference App (typeahead.xq) and were able to set it up.The challenge we are facing is:

      We are getting the suggestions only after typing the entire search term.

      For example:If we type "North" the suggestions North Goa,North America,North Carolina are coming up only after typing the entire word "North".

      We would expect those to come after the letters Nor are typed or No are typed.I assume we are doing a match mode all hence this problem.

      Can anyone guide us for achieving the wild card suggestions instead of getting the result after typing the whole word?

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          Andy M -Oracle
          Hi Kartheek,

          There are a couple of things to check here:

          1. Enable Dimensions for wildcard search by opening the project in Developer Studio, then open the Dimensions from the Project menu and you will see a button up top called "Configure Search". Open this and check the "Enable for wildcard search checkbox in the dialog box. You must re-run the baseline update.

          2. Ensure that you are encapsulating the search term(s) inside the asterisk symbol when submitting the search to the Endeca engine. I can't remember but this may already be in the typahead.xq module.