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    How to limit Upsert for a child IC based on a parent IC field

      What is the best way to NOT perform an upsert for a child integration object (only). For example, I'm using the Account integration object and I have only the Account and Action integration components active. I want to upsert the Account, but ONLY upsert the Activity if the Account is a specific Type. In other words, I always want to update the Account, but I don't want to create/update its Activity unless the Account Type is correct.

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          Sambit K

          Your requirement can be achieved by using EAI Data transformation Engine.

          If you are aware of EAI Data Maps then ,in Admin->Integration->Data Maps view under Integration Component map section there is a column with caption as "Source search expression",under that u can mention the field value for which you want not to undergo any Insert/Update operations.

          For e.g ,

          Store the account type values in any field of Action,lets say for e.g XYZ and the value for which u want to skip is "Test".
          Then just add [XYZ]<>"Test" in source search expression column.