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    Oracle APEX Listener, Weblogic and IE 6

      Hi All,

      I am currently in the process of planning a move from Oracle HTTP Server 10g to Weblogic 11gR2 on a customer site where we are constrained by Internet Explorer 6 as the only available browser. I understand that we can deploy the Apex Listener to Weblogic but the documentation states that this only supports Internet Explorer 8. My question is has anyone tried using this with Internet Explorer 6. Even if it does work I guess it would be an unsupported option ? Are there any supported alternatives ? FYI we are using APEX 3.2 with no current scope to upgrade.

      Thanks in advance !

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          You can use IE 6. APEX Listener does not support it officially, but you'll be able to use the configuration pages, though they won't look as intended as IE 6 doesn't support all CSS methods (and probably other stuff) used.
          Concerning APEX itself, it makes no difference which web server you use - there are some limitations with IE 6, but these are the same for OHS and APEX Listener.