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    upgrade 6.3 to error

      Hello ,

      While installing upgrade patch for on the Win 2003 server i'm getting this unzip error.

      Has anyone faced this error before ? What its is related to ?

      inflating: c:/Program Files/Sun/DSEE/./dsee6/cacao_2/lib/tools/template/modules/com.sun.cacao.snmp
      inflating: c:/Program Files/Sun/DSEE/./dsee6/cacao_2/lib/tools/template/startup/cacao
      inflating: c:/Program Files/Sun/DSEE/./dsee6/data/sun-ldap-cacao.lis
      extracting: c:/Program Files/Sun/DSEE/./dsee6/data/sun-ldap-cacao.del
      Removing c:\Program Files\Sun\DSEE/dsee6/data/sun-ldap-cacao.del
      Error: unzip error

      Thanks for help