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    ADF: how to set destination property for golink ?

      Hi Everyone,

      I am using Jdev 11G.
      i have developed one ADF page which has one Adf read only table with 5 columns.
      i converted first column (Empid) to af:goLink item in the source as below:
      <af:goLink text="#{rowEmpid}" id="outputText19"
      im passing parameter in the url.
      Everything is working fine when i click on the empid on the page it navigates to the destination url with the parameter..

      But now my requirement is i need to get this destination from lookup and concatenate the parameter and set the destination property.
      On click on that goLink item(empid) i should navigate to the desired url with the parameter.
      How can i achieve this?

      Any suggestions will be really grateful.

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