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    Unix wget

      I want to know Unix command to download a file to Unix machine from website. I am using below command. Since this website allows users to download files once after user click on accept terms and condition, I am not able to download files directly on to Unix machine. Can anyone help me on this.

      Downloading to windows and moving it to Unix machine is taking more than 12 hours.

      I am trying to us ethis command and download the files.
      wget <username>:<Password>@http://download.oracle.com/otn/nt/middleware/11g/wls/1211/wls1211_generic.jar. But following error is displayed.
      DOWNLOAD-http://download.oracle.com/otn/nt/middleware/11g/wls/1211/wls1211_generic.jar: Unsupported scheme.
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          The wget application isn't an interactive program that accepts web browser cookies and allows you to accept a license agreement and work with dynamic links. Why bother with it rather than installing a web-browser or try to find out why it is taking 12 hours to copy a file? Doesn't sound reasonable to me. You will need to explain basic technical details about your mysterious "Unix machine" for any more information.