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    Checklist for Directory Server

    John Prince

      We've been tasked to prepare a checklist as part of preparation for making our Directory Servers 11g live on Production. However, I was wondering if anyone has any standard checklists for the same purpose or anyone has already prepared one.

      Any help in this regard would be highly appreciated.

      Thanks - John Prince
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          A lot depends on what you (they) are looking for.
          A full checklist is way beyond what can be provided in this sort of forum, but for a starter:

          * Performance measured and exceeds SLAs.
          * Adequate disk space for DB, backups and logs available (hint: Whatever you think it should be, double it).
          * Monitoring of basic system parameters in place (minimum is CPU usage and free disk space).
          * Policies in place specifying actions to take when monitoring alarms go off.
          * Security evaluation complete - meets requirements.
          * Every application has a unique Bind DN/password.
          * ACIs in place to allow/restrict appropriate access for each application.
          * ACIs in place for admin account(s).
          * HA requirements met (and tested).
          * Backup mechanisms in place.
          * Backup restoration process defined and tested.
          * Provisioning system in place. Tested.
          * De-provisioning in place. Tested.
          * Replication topology working and tested (including simulated falures of systems).
          * Replication purge delay set to reflect HW/Networrk SLAs
          * Policies/procedures defined for the day that purge delay is exceeded (it will happen...)
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            John Prince
            Thanks Philip. Actually, we've divided the list into two categories, one would be specific to the environment, other would be Directory Server generic. We're trying to make the generic list as exhaustive as possible, and will be performed by a separate team.The list as suggested by you would be helpful. I would reach out to you offline, in case i need further information.