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    DBMS_RECITIFIER_DIFF package use in Multi-master replicated environment

      Hello all,

      I have inherited a multi-master replicated environment that employs nothing more than latest timestamp for collision rectification. Sadly it was only implemented on about half of the objects that are replicated. What I now how is two separate sites that contain different versions of the data. It isn't a case of just missing rows, but rather true data differences between the two sites. I've read through ID 1062732.6 which details the use of DBMS_RECTIFIER_DIFF and how one can use this package to shore up the differences, but I'm unclear on one thing in particular; the truth table/site. Does this mean that you essentially have to pick one version of the data over the other and rectify the differences accordingly? If so, that's more a business decision than a technical one. Mind you, conflict resolution really is/should be a business decision anyway, but clearly a sound business strategy for these databases was not employed when replication was initial put into place.

      Unfortunately these are databases so the fancy new DBMS packages in 11g are unavailable for use. Upgrading them to 11g before we shore of the differences is extremely unlikely.

      Am I missing the power of the DBMS_RECITFIER_DIFF package? Is there another approach I should be employing?

      Thanks very much in advance.