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    10g Dashboard date prompt where the time is 11:59:59

      I am trying to build a dashboard prompt in 10g where I have a between condition on a transaction date. The date the user selects is essentially "07/17/2012" but underneath OBIEE is jamming on 12 midnight as the time element. So when my user selects today assuming today is 7/17/2012, no date will be found for today as the time is the very first second of the day. I have seen this being referred to as a bug, but I am still trying to work around it with a TIMESTAMPADD which has not yielded any success just yet. Plenty of info on adding days or months, etc, but not about adding 11:59:59 to whatever date is selected with the date selector on the dashboard field. That is truly what I want to do, make sure that if I select today(or any day in the past for that matter) at any time today that I get all the records associated with the date in the dashboard prompt. I think that I could do this another way, but the actual transaction time is not terribly relevant other than it occurred in the day selected. The Physical column is a DATETIME field.

      2 things:
      1. How can I access the entered/selected date
      2. and how can I add the 11:59:59 to it