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    Deleted and re-installed LDOM keeps coming back

      I am using 11g I installed an LDOM and installed an OS from a FLAR, and because of problems I deleted it and reinstalled it. I created a new LDOM with a different name and installed a Solaris 10 OS with the old name. It works fine, but there is a 'ghost' LDOM hanging around in the BUI that I can't get rid of. Or rather, I can 'delete' the dependent OS, but I can't delete the ghost LDOM until I go to https://<my-oem-server>/xvm and track down all the occurrences in the domain model and manually unregister the Mbean. In the BUI the old LDOM looks like it's halted, and it's taken on the name of the physical XVM server- weird.

      It goes away in the BUI, but as soon as I restart Ops Center it just comes back! Has anybody else seen this? Is there an XML file somewhere in my EC that's saving an entry for this old LDOM and OS?