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    12c on Windows, getting linux errors...

      I am attempting to clone a database via the 12c console. All goes well up to the point of copying the files via HTTP (Transfer Initialization Files via HTTP). There I get the following message:

      Failed to launch process: Auth-PDP: Required PDP Setting option:EMPDP_SETTINGS_SUDO not availablesink operation skipped due to source operation failure

      From what I can tell, cygwin appears to be configured correctly accoding to the instalation manual (I can ssh both ways from either box). Anyone have a clue as to what this may be - possibly something I overlooked when skipping over all the linux/unix parts?

      Thanks in advace,

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          SR# 3-5969256911 if anyone else encounters this problem.
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            Are you cloning from a Windows Box to another Windows Box? or is a Linux Machine involved here?

            For the Cygwin, please check that both machines are correctly configured.

            Here is the link to the documentation where it explains how to configure Cygwin and sshd in the windows machines.



            Rafael Garcia
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              All servers involved are 2008 R2.

              To the best of my knowledge, Cygwin is installed and configured correctly. SSHD works, I can do remote ssh sessions between boxes both ways just fine, etc. The agent was even deployed over Cygwin (as I understand it).

              Support told me that cygwin is actually no longer involved once an agent is in place on a box, so I would think that to be a non-issue anyhow, but we both may be wrong there.

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                Have you reviewed the pre-reqs described in the guide below?

                Please review the Lifecycle Management Admin Guide below for details.
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                  Can you also confirm if you are trying clone from running instance or from existing backups ?

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                    Yes, the clone is from a running instance (

                    As far as I know all pre-reqs are met. I say as far as I know, as most of the documention is unclear on what exactly should be used when running on Windows (most of it does not apply). SUDO - I know what this does on the *nx side, but have no idea what is happening inernally in OEM on Windows.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               
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                      It's now a bug: 14370580
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                        Bryan , I will contact you via mail so we can debug this .

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                          With help from Pankaj I was able to resolve this issue and I can now clone a database using 12c.

                          In a nutshell, OEM allowed me to choose an *nx only choice for the OS connection type for the destination of SUDO. This should not be allowed as a choice for a windows target (code bug), and clearer documentation stating so for Windows would definetly help (I assumed at the time it was doing this with Cygwin).