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    How to connect/retrieve data from Oracle DB in SQL DB

      Hi All,

      i successfully connected and retrieved data from Oracle Db in SQL-Server using linked Server .Right now, I have configured oracle Db (10 g) and SQL server 2008 both in the same system, but i want to connect it from a different system/environment. Is that possible, if yes can you tell me how?

      And one more thing. When i actually install oracle in the system which also had SQL server, i obtained the provider 'oraOLEDB.Oracle'. While i see that it was obtained because i installed in the same system, how do i achieve that when i install it in a remote system. Or how do i connect to the remote system having Oracle through some other means?

      I want to connect it from a different system/environment like SQL Server is one system and Oracle Db in an other system. I want communicate with both two system. Is that Possible?

      Kindly help me on this.

      Thanks in advance