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    Get error when deploying the assembly

      The previous step was successfully, but get the following error when deploying the assembly

      $ ./abctl deployAssemblyInstance -assemblyInstanceId BZJp-L8xT_myAssembly_1 -connectionName myDeployer -waitForComplete -pollTime 3600
      Error: Unable to deploy assembly instance BZJp-L8xT_myAssembly_1.
      Caused by: Request f95fda56-f729-4252-8721-5f42628cd21e has failed. Please check log for details.
      Caused by: Appliance BZJp-L8xT_myAssembly_1:myAssembly/drtdomain/AdminServer/0 reported an error while configuring network interfaces: ERROR: Interface eth0 is not configured.

      But From OVM ,In the Servers and VMs tab, select the server which owns the port under Server Pools. In the management pane, set the Perspective to Virtual Machines and I see the following information:

      Name Status Event Severity
      BZJp-L8xT_myAssembly_1:myAssembly/drtdomain/AdminServer/0 Running Normal

      I am not sure what I missing? Any hints will be appreciated!