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    Problem with Eclipse debug

      Hi everybody.
      I am trying to debug applet in Eclipse according following: http://eclipse-jcde.sourceforge.net
      I did everything,requested in above link and now i want to debug and I do not expect any problem.
      Everything is working okay, but I do not success to debug applet.
      I do following:

      0. Put breakpoint in "process" method in the begining.
      1. Press JCWDE->Debug
      2. Right click on "select-<Applet-Name>.script" and do "Java Card Tools->Run Script"

      It does not stop on breakpoint. It just run.
      Where is my problem or what I do incorrect?

      Somehow and somewhere I inserted argument "-jdb" for JCWDE and debug process started.but where i did it I do not remember and after this I tried to do this again.I spent 3 days and I did not find where to do it.
      Any idea?


      P.S. Everything is happening in Linux.

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