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    Deployment fails in cluster

      I faced a strange issue while working with a deployment on a clustered env.

      We have a couple of managed servers on difference physical machines combined as a cluster.When we deployed an application , it came back saying failed . but i see errors only on one node of the cluster and not on other nodes.

      The app team was able to access the application . but when the hit goes to failed node . it gives 404. The application was a spring based one . the error was

      java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Method must not be null

      we are sure that some of the properties are taking null values , but why only on that failed node. i don't see the error on any other server and access to the application was fine.

      On the failed node , when i check the stage location , the ear files was not available . It was available on other servers.

      The server was web logic 10.3.

      any Suggestions ?