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    Using entities for attributes in Excel

      How can I define attributes in an Excel sheet to match my entities?

      Say I have one entity namned the child.

      Creating the excel sheet I want some of the attributes to be on Global level and some other on the child entity - default is, using the Declarations-tab for defining the attributes but there I can´t add what entity they should reside in so all my attributes end up on Global....

      Seen an example where there is entites in the sheet (opening the .xgen file) but haven´t been able to figure out on how to accomplish it.

      Any tips?
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          Ben Rogers
          Hi Lena,

          Make sure that the attributes you are trying to declare for the child include the full string "the child" (i.e. exactly the same as the entity name) otherwise OPA will just assign them to the global entity (I still get caught out with this sometimes!).

          It's best to declare these in a property file rather than the Declarations Tab of the Excel document, so that should help too.

          It's worth noting that you won't be able to have a global conclusion if you are also using conditions with attributes which belong to "the child", but you will be able to have a child-level conclusion which uses global attributes in the conditions, since the child is contained by global. The reason you cannot have a global conclusion and use child conditions is that "global" will not know which child you are talking about, and you cannot use cross-entity reasoning like ForAllScope() and ExistsScope() in Excel.

          The OPM help includes some useful information, see the article "Define decision tables in Excel workbooks". You should never need to modify the .xgen file.

          I hope this helps, let me know if you need more information.
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            Misspellings though I've checked it a thousand times! :)