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    Supplier is getting Closed notifications for message name EMAIL_PO_PDF


      Supplier is getting Closed FYI notifications for message name EMAIL_PO_PDF. Below is an example.
      Please suggest why they are generated and how to stop these notifications as supplier does not want to receive them.

      From: Production Workflow Mailer (D1556P) [mailto:imapzeusprd@zeus.kpn.com]
      Sent: Thursday, July 12, 2012 3:45 PM
      Subject: Closed: KPN - Standard Purchase Order 3039086, 0

      You earlier received the notification shown below. That notification is now closed, and no longer requires your response. You may simply delete it along with this message.
      From               ROOS, C
      To               KPN@DEVB.NL.AMERICAN
      Sent               18-JUN-12 22:10:57
      ID               865518

      Please review the purchase order and any other document attached to this message.