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    Customized progress indicators for Web Start on Mac

      I'm trying to customize the class loading/progress indicator for my Web Start application. I followed the tutorial at:


      and it works somewhat ok on Windows 7 (the progress frame just never gets taken down until the application exits!?!), but on Mac (running 1.6u33), the progress frame doesn't even get put in the front - so it appears that nothing is happening until the application actually shows up. I tried adding "frame.toFront()" below the "frame.setVisible(true);" statement in the example - no help. I added a "frame.repaint();" also after I doing some googling, and that didn't work either. I even tried to register myself as a WindowListener and doing the above on the windowActivated() and windowOpened() events - again, no help.

      How the heck do you force the progress indicator to come up in front of the browser window? Any help is much appreciated.

      Also, as I said even on Windows the progress frame never goes away - so it looks like Webstart is never calling the interface methods with a progress value of 100?

      Best regards,
      Thomas Wolf

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