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    Question about Pixel?

    Subramanian Meyyappan
      hi experts,

      using jdev - adfbc.

      af:panel collection, af:table ,af:panel tabbed for streching width for all browser all verions all kind of monitors with differenct
      we are using AF Stretchwidth.

      ok am really happy with this property.

      but am really sad using height property.

      am using 1024*768 monitorsi give some pixel for height propety in it's good for my machine with this pixel, if it goes under some other pixel,some other big monitors.

      all of my page looks too small. it doesnt occupy whole page(am saying about is height). width is ok good enough.

      especally am struggling with af:panel box. height?

      can any one say me? for setting height without using static pixel. ?

      dnt ask me surrounded the af:stretch layout for all of the components. in some case i accept. in most i cant move with this layout.

      is there any other way?