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    root (/) backup with OSB

      Hi Guru's

      is it possible to take root (/) file system backup using OSB 10.4 ? and if possible then need to take a separate backup for different Mount point (eg , /ua01 which is LUN)

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          Yes of course, you schedule a file system backup job and give the database "include path /". Same for any mount points "include path /ua01", so you could have a dataset that looks something like :

          include host myserver
          include path /
          include path /var
          include path /ua01

          Now it's important to remember that this is not an image backup, so you won't be able to restore a dead OS using this backup, there will be files changing and locked during the backup. A DR approach would be to reimage the OS, install OSB and restore the config files you need back, quite specifically. You would never tell it to restore /, or /etc or anything like that.


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            HI Rich

            Thank you for your timely response.

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