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    LCM issue after was installed; Unable to find artifact folder -

      Hi there,

      I was able to migrate artifacts from 931.x to succesfully. (this was a production9 tot test11 system)
      Now I have installed a environment and things start to differ.
      Migration is not workring as expected.
      The import to complain with several lines:

      Warning in migrating artifact, "/Repository Objects/".
      EPMLCM-37038: Cannot perform migration. Unable to find artifact folder - REPORTMART in the source application.
      it does so for every selected folder to import.

      It seems to me that the 11 import technically expacts the real folder names while and before was able to import the structure/ foldernames like 0000012a and 000 and 00000.

      Has anyone come across this an knows how to tackle it?

      Your help would be very much welcome.