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    security by buyer,catalog,category

      Hello All,

      We have a requirement where we have two main categories A and B and both have different buyers (X and Y). Now we want that the buyer can see and create PO's for the requsitions belonging to their category. That is Buyer X can see and create PO''s for only the requisitions create for category A and Y only for B.
      Do any of guys know if there is any security setup that can be done by catalog so that only particular buyers can see only a paritcular categories.

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          Security rule setup is a way you can restrict the items to appear in the Item LOV in the purchase order/requisition forms.

          Brief setup overview:
          1. Create a valueset as "Non-Hierarchical Security" and validation type "Independent".
          2. Assign the valueset to the respective segment of the "System Items" Key flexfield.
          3. Setup security rule for the created valueset at - Setup -> Flexfields -> Key -> Security -> Define in the Inventory superuser or similar responsibility.
          4. Add the allowed items in the security rule.
          5. Assign security rule to the responsibility.

          Now buyer will be able to see only the items listed in the security rule using the responsibility assigned to the security rule.

          You can setup security rules on categories as well. and for the maintenance of security rules, you can develop a custom program which will be scheduled to see the new items created and add them programatically to the security rule.

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            Hi Mahendra,

            Thanks for the response.

            I did try creating the security rules on category. But it does not seem to work in auto create find screen. It still brings all the categories.

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              if I try to populate the category flexfield in the find screen of auto create, it gives only options according to what I set in security rules. But by default the filed is null and when user clicks on find it brings all the requestions irrespective of what we set in security rules.

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                Security rule does not give you control on viewing but it does on creating.

                You need to perform folder setting to control the viewing based on category and assign those folder to respective users.